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Marketing Music With Instagram's New Hyperlapse Video App 

Hyperlapse-logoSo many musicians and music marketers are using Instagram these days that you may already be using Hyperlapse, Instagram's new video app. Hyperlapse allows you to create time lapse videos with the support of image stabilization while you're on the move and then speed up the resulting footage. Thus Hyper[time]lapse. It's a great quick tool for anything that takes time including band setup, audience action, rehearsals, performances or other activities that could be related and quickly transformed into Instagram action.

Instagram's new Hyperlapse app is free and even comes with a music video concept:

"Walk through the crowds at an all-day music festival, then distill it into a 30 second spot."

The result is something like this:

Introducing Hyperlapse from Instagram

Here's more of the backstory of the tech which is getting some mighty big praise.

Marketers have already gone into action as has Jimmy Fallon.

You can download it for free and get started right away or go read more about the tech.

Hyperlapse: Help


Hypebot Senior Contributor Clyde Smith (@fluxresearch) recently launched DanceLand. Send news about music tech startups and services, DIY music biz and music marketing to: clyde(at)fluxresearch(dot)com.

3 Tips From Jack Conte: "There’s no such thing as just being a musician anymore" 

Jack-conteJack Conte now has a strong track record of success as half of Pomplamoose, as a musician/videomaker and as founder of Patreon. Conte recently spoke with TechCrunch for a back to school series but, except for the passing use of "student musicians," the interview is not about student musicians at all. It's for musicians getting started who want to create a career on their own terms whatever path they ultimately take.

Here are 3 especially important tips from Jack Conte:

1) "Think long term."

"If you sign with a record label, they’ll do everything for you – which is awesome now. But when you’re 28, you won’t know how to make your own music and run your own business. If the label drops you, you’re toast! Learn every component, every aspect about being a professional creator."

2) "There’s no such thing as just being a musician anymore."

"Unless you’ve given up your business to a record label, there’s no such thing as just being a musician anymore. Successful musicians are entrepreneurs – they work hard, way beyond 9 to 5. They learn filmmaking and editing software to make their own videos, and they learn audio production software to make their own records."

3) "Professional artists constantly live at the intersection of art and money."

"Making money is half their job. Being a professional artist is 50% making art, 50% building a machine whose input is art and whose output is money. Half your job is to build that machine."

Check TechCrunch for more.


Hypebot Senior Contributor Clyde Smith (@fluxresearch) recently launched DanceLand. Send news about music tech startups and services, DIY music biz and music marketing to: clyde(at)fluxresearch(dot)com.

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meetupNow through Labor Day

Please join us for Hypebot's free online networking party.  We've been doing these online meetups for years and are always impressed by the quality and level of activity. Instead of how many million dollars Dr. Dre just pocketed, we want to hear what you are working on and perhaps hook you up with others in the music industry.  

Comment below and let us know what you do in the music industry and your current projects are (music, tech or business).  It's optional, but we encourage you to include contact information so others can get in touch. Shameless plugs are allowed!

Here are some examples of previous networking events:

Music Tech Funding: 8tracks, Exploration And A Fundraising Tip From's CEO 

Fundraising-maik-meid-flickrThis was a busy week for funding news. In addition to SeatGeek, KKbox, Rockbot and JoyTunes, 8tracks was revealed to be closing a $1.28 million round and Exploration announced $5 million in funding. Plus, a bonus for the week came in the form of a fundraising tip from CEO Shehzad Daredia.

8tracks' New $1.28 Million Round Revealed

8tracks, whose "Internet radio [is] created by people, not algorithms," was revealed to be closing a $1.28 million round of new funding according to an SEC document:

"Up until now the company has not only survived off of $1.5 million in funding, but is also profitable — not an easy task for most music startups...Today’s filing shows that the total funding round amount could end up being a bit higher at $1.4 million when it finally closes."

Exploration Receives $5 Million In Funding

Exploration, which "exists to help writers, artists, labels, publishers, media companies, and those that represent them get the most from YouTube," recently announced a funding round of $5 million from unidentified sources.

The money will allow Exploration to gives advances to clients on expected royalties making Exploration the "first digital rights company to offer such advances."

A Fundraising Tip From CEO Shehzad Daredia

"Create Time Pressure"

"A tactic that’s worked for me when fundraising is to create the perception of time pressure so investors have a forcing function. A high-risk, high-reward way to take that one step further is to very politely and diplomatically acknowledge that the VC is probably not well-equipped to make a decision fast enough to meet your timeline."

"For example, stating, ‘I know you guys must have a process to go through, so I understand if you can’t make our timeline.’ Issuing such a subtle, playful challenge to one VC resulted in them literally running after us in the parking lot shortly after our first meeting and saying, ‘We’re in for $2 million – is that fast enough for you?'"

[Thumbnail photo "Fundraising" courtesy Maik Meid.]


Hypebot Senior Contributor Clyde Smith (@fluxresearch) recently launched DanceLand. Send news about music tech startups and services, DIY music biz and music marketing to: clyde(at)fluxresearch(dot)com.

Is This Right? Headliners Cancel Fest Show Over Stage Size  

image from fc03.deviantart.netIs it me, or is this not a great reason to cancel a show?  Some of my most memorable concert moments were when an artist overcame technical adversity - feedback, bad weather, even no power - and continued the show. Apparently these bands see things differently. Here's the story:

The headliners for the Rockstar Uproar Festival were unable to play at an August 23rd show at the Mount Airy Casino, citing production issues. In a post on their Facebook page, Godsmack, one of the headliners for the festival, wrote:

"As some of you may heard: Unfortunately none of the main stage acts on Rockstar UPROAR Fest were able to play today on the main stage due to unforeseen production/technical issues with that stage itself. We were unable to fit our production onto the smaller side stage to perform, and so therefore were unable to play. We are very sorry to disappoint, but please know that it was out of our control. We wanted nothing more than to be able to deliver the kind of show our fans know us for tonight. We hope to return and play for you all as soon as possible!

"If you had a ticket for the Uproar show in Mt Pocono today, SAVE YOUR TICKET! You will be able to come to the show at Susquehanna Bank Center in Camden, NJ this Tuesday for FREE. To redeem this offer, all you have to do is bring your ticket stub from the Mt Pocono show and exchange it at Susquehanna Bank Center Box office this Tuesday. Seat locations subject to availability. Again we apologize for any inconveniences and hope to see you Tuesday!"

A tweet by a spokesperson for Buckcherry said "Not @Godsmack--Music fault. They were ready to rock. Out Of everyone's control."

Headliners for the show included Godsmack, Buckcherry and Skillet. Seether, who is also headlining the tour, was not on the bill for the Mount Airy show.

The supporting acts for the Uproar festival all performed on the second stage without issue. As well, Skillet played a reduced set on the second stage, sans some of their production.  - story via CelebrityAccess